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Did you know?
At the end of the 19th century, the street "Große Burstah" was one of the prestigious shopping streets in Hamburg. After the 2nd World War, several businessmen tried with moderate success to replicate the former level of business.

Due to the redevelopment of large office complexes and the grown popularity of streets like "Jungfernstieg" and "Mönckebergstraße", only as from 1985 the former first shopping adress "Große Burstah" could be upgraded.

About us

About us
For over 30 years we are one of the leading suppliers in our field.

Most of you know us from our offices in Hamburg-Mundsburg, -Steinstraße, - Altstadt,  as well as from our numerous participations in exhibitions in Northern Germany (e.g. exhibitions in the Ethnological Museum).
High quality purchases
All articles are part of our original imports. So we can make sure, that each of the items meet our high standards regarding quality, purity as well as our requirements for unique features.

Thanks to our international direct imports, we can offer unique items at competitive prices. This is highly appreciated and valued by our numerous regular customers, which brings us both pride and delight.

We highly value fair and continuous
international trade, which is acknowledged by our local dealers with high quality items. Therefore, with your purchase you support the improvement of their local living conditions, too.
Countries of origin of our items
Afghanistan, Africa, Egypt, Bali, Burma, China, Marocco, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, Iran, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tibet and many other countries.