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HEGRAT´S ASIEN-HAUS has a very long and interesting history, which is told here at last:
Hegrat´s-Asien-Haus Geschichte
1950  The business owner, Latif-Ghani Yari, was born in Kabul as the second eldest son of Mudir Gulagha Ghani. He had studied telecommunication in Germany. In Afghanistan, Mr. G. Ghani was head of telecommunication in his department. Unlike in Germany, he did no earn much as a Mudir, but built himself a great reputation. Experienced in dealing with antiques, Mr. G. Ghani wanted to support his family (his wife, four sons and five daughters) finally had the idea of his own antique shop in Kabul. 

1968 Grand opening of Mr. G. Ghani´s first shop on the legendary street "Kochemurgha" - also called Chickenstreet. Short time later, he opened another two shops for his sons on the same street. Mr. L. Yari took over the largest shop with his  elder brother and therefore laid the foundations for today´s Hegrat´s Asien-Haus. He quickly learned to analyze and to evaluate antiques and art objects and therefore was able to distinguish original from fake. Many German and international tourists, as well as archaeologists and politicians were among his customers. Traveling to Germany was also part of Mr. L. Yari´s work, who found there not only customers, but also friends.  One of the most important friends was Dr. Gunther Hollatz.

1979 Outbreak of the Soviet-Afghan war.  

1980 Marriage of Shakella Yari,
who was studying chemistry (daughter of the architect Aghagul and Guldjan Yari).  

1981 After request from his father, Mr. 
L. Yari and his wife had to leave Afghanistan. As a experienced business man, he quickly packed his bags and included next to clothing his personal collection of Afghan antiques.  Since leaving the country without visa was impossible during that time, Dr. Hollatz (author of several books about Afghan folk art and antiquarian) sent a visa for the couple. After several initial difficulties leaving the country, finally their airplane landed in Frankfurt. During the first weeks, the couple stayed with Dr. Hollatz, who meanwhile was not only a customer, but also a good friend. After they heard about Hamburg, they decided on short notice to move to the city to learn German in German language courses. Meanwhile, Mr. L. Yari participated in antique and flea markets, selling his collection and therefore earning money for living in Hamburg.

1984 Grand opening of the first shop “Asien-Haus“ in Hamburg-Mundsburg (Denheide). Short time later, the opening of the second shop in Hamburg-Bergedorf. Mr. L. Yari used his hard-earned fortune to support his family in Afghanistan, which also was
meanwhile mostly living in Hamburg.  

1988 Birth of his son, Hegrat Yari.

1990 Closure of the store in Hamburg-Bergedorf due to lack of skills shortages.  

1998 Grand opening of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus on Großen Burstah 1, Hamburg-City. This is the pearl of all shops, diagonally opposite the Chamber of Commerce, behind the Hamburg City Hall next to the bridge "Börsebrücke", in front of the headquarters of the bank "Hamburger Sparkasse" and in the hearts of our customers and friends.   

2000 Closure of the store in Hamburg-Mundsburg and opening of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus 2 on Jakobikirchhof (Steinstrasse), Hamburg downtown.

2006 Closure of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus 2 for store expansion of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus on Großer Burstah 1.  

2007 Enlargement of store on Großer Burstah 1.

2011 Launch of website and online shop.

We hope, you enjoyed the story of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus and participate in future events.

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The team of Hegrat´s Asien-Haus